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יהונתן רוטשטיין יועץ אלומיניום

Jonathan Rothstein
Senior Partner

Jonathan has a rich professional background in the field of aluminum and architecture.
Jonathan gained extensive knowledge in the field where his specialization is at the technical level of the products. As part of his work at Zinkel as manager of aluminum systems, he was responsible for the development and worked closely with the company's engineers in the development of new products and systems. After that, he moved to Kalil Aluminum Products Company, where he was the manager of the project planning department and was involved in the planning and execution of many diverse projects throughout the country.

Jonathan Rothstein has a degree in economics and marketing from the University of South Africa and an education in the field of architecture.

יועץ אלומיניום - אמנון פרל

Amnon Pearl 
Senior Partner and founder

Amnon has a degree in engineering from

  University of Massachusetts, USA.

He has over 20 years of experience in the aluminum industry.

Amnon started his career as a civil engineer at B.S.R, Shapir, and Dahar, but over the years specialized in aluminum and worked as VP of Marketing at leading aluminum profile extrusion companies in the industry such as Mipromal and Zinkel. He managed many projects such as the top towers of Akirov and dozens of other diverse projects in Israel and abroad.
Amnon founded the company PearlSystems UK in London in 2005, the company provides consulting services in the field of aluminum and the building envelope in Europe, while creating extensive relationships with aluminum suppliers from all over the world.
The company also operates in West and Central Africa. 

זיו נצר אל יועץ אלומיניום

  Ziv Netser El - Social Manager

שרית כחלון יועץ אלומיניום

Sarit Kahlon - Office Manager

מעין קורנמן יועץ אלומיניום

Maayan Kornman - Administration

יועץ אלומיניום אורטל חן

Ortal Chen - Planner

יועץ אלומיניום ספיר עוזרי

Sapir Ozari - Planner

 יועץ אלומיניום ישראלה סוירי

 Israela Saviry - Planner

יועץ אלומיניום מרים דיאמנט

Miriam Diamant - Planner

שרית כחלון יועץ אלומיניום

Ayelet Mor - Planner

יועץ אלומיניום פליפה אלרקון

Felipe Alarcon - Planner

Barak Peled - Engineer

Omri Pearl - CRM

Bernardo Aisencharf - Planner

Niv Hemo - Planner

יועץ אלומיניום ברק פלד
יועץ אלומיניום עומרי פרל
יועץ אלומיניום ג׳ני רומנוב
יועץ אלומיניום ג׳ני רומנוב
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