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Our story

Pearlsystems is an international company engaged in consulting, planning, and supervision in the field of aluminum and building envelope solutions. The company's specialization is in public projects and luxury residences, which require a special and customized response to the construction needs of a high standard and the architect's requirements. The extensive experience and knowledge that the company has gained in the variety of solutions available in the global market, both at the level of the latest technical solutions, the design, and the finish of the product and at the price levels that vary according to the country of production. All of these give the company a prominent advantage that allows flexibility in choosing and developing different and varied systems and products.

Pearlsystems is an English company serving as a consulting and planning center for projects in Europe and worldwide. The company has a branch in Israel that deals only with consulting already in the first stages of project planning and concept meetings which are built on a budget dictated by the developer. The company representative becomes part of the architect's planning team and works in full synchronization with the team to reach the project's best and most adapted product.

We are committed to high professional standards and constant innovation. At the same time, we follow the solutions offered by leading companies in the field in Israel and around the world and know how to adapt the solution to the customer's needs. Through independent analysis and daily practice, we constitute an extensive source of information regarding an efficient and economic construction envelope that supports the construction process and the quality of the final product.

We have set as our main goal the issue of energy saving, which is a central component in the design and construction of the building envelope.
In the advice and guidance we give, we emphasize the thermal performance of the systems and windows, the efficiency in use, user comfort, and of course cost savings.
In addition, we rely as a basis on the American standard for energy conservation,
LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which these days is becoming an international standard, as a framework for the identification and application of green building design, construction, operation, and maintenance solutions.

Our Services


We offer a wide range of pre-planning services that help and inform the developers and architects about the options in the first stages of planning and characterization of the building.
​System Limitations Analysis​
Budget analysis​
Planning Analysis​
Concept design​
The life cycle of cost benefit
Alternative systems

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