Conceptual Facade Design

conceptual facade design 1
PearlSystems offers a range of pre-design services that can help inform owners and architects at the earliest stages of design and conceptualization. Since the curtain wall and envelope are usually one of the first procurement packages, defining performance and design goals as well as limitations as soon as possible can facilitate a smooth and efficient design process later on. Pre-design services for new as well as existing construction could include:
• Constraints Analysis
• Budget Analysis
• Design and Performance Goal Review
• Concept Design Options and Review
• Life Cycle Cost-Benefit Analysis
• Alternate System Studies Column


Constructability Reviews

constructability reviews
At the beginning of the design process, PearlSystems can assist the design team with the expertise necessary to quickly identify design goals and criteria related to the enclosure. This will include project-specific advice on basic claddingdesign options, performance criteria, and the many technical, scheduling, and cost constraints that should be understood and defined during this phase. Critical issues might include shading and day lighting strategies; material and finish options; as well as minimum and maximum sizes for materials, spans, and system types. Our services during this phase will normally include schematic design details and outline specifications



Specification Development

specification development
During design development, PearlSystems works as an integral part of the design team to develop the final design details and specification of the enclosure. Our staff provides detailed analysis to confirm the constructability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of all aspects of the enclosure design, including structural, thermal, day lighting and code conformance as well as building tolerances and movements. We utilize international standards that are enhanced to meet the specific requirements of each project. Especially for complex designs, innovative solutions at this stage are often necessary to insure constructability and cost-effectiveness



Proposal Documents

proposal documents
The Request for Proposal (RFP) documents are a critical element in the purchasing process. PearlSystems works with the owner, construction manager, and architect to define the appropriate level of documentation based on the design complexity, and the anticipated form of construction subcontract. Properly developed RFPs reduce the clients exposure to post award claims. We provide final enclosure details and technical performance specifications as required for the architect to prepare and issue appropriate contract documents for bidding. Our services include coordination with structural engineers and other consultants, and review of the architect’s final enclosure drawings to verify conformance with the design and specified performance criteria.


Bid Negotiation

bid negotiation
Procurement of the curtain wall actually begins with decisions that should be made early on in the design process and anticipated in the contract documents and specifications prior to bidding (tendering). We have extensive experience around the world with strategies for bidding (tendering) and negotiating the curtain wall contract, whether for a design-build subcontract, a designated subcontract, or a lump sum
main contract. Comparing competing proposals is a complex process that requires a detailed understanding of both work scope and technical merits. Services during this phase include subcontractor pre-qualification, bid proposal evaluation, negotiation of technical matters, and value engineering if required.


Construction Management

construction management
As a performance contract, the contract for a curtain wall is uniquely different from that for many of the other building systems and requires specialized construction administration experience. Our team is skilled at reviewing product data, product test data, submittal drawings and structural calculations for facade elements. We carefully review the submittal drawings to insure they comply with the tender drawings and specification. In addition we review the products and materials to confirm that the client is receiving the value based solutions stipulated in the contract. We work with the client and construction team to develop viable timetables for the production of materials and delivery to the site based on “just-intime” inventory control