Amnon Pearl

Amnon Pearl is the founding principal of PearlSystems and has experience of over 20 years in the aluminum industry. He has held the positions of Vice President of Marketing for two of the leading Aluminum extruders in the region, Mifromal Aluminum Industries and Zinkal Aluminum Industries. Amnon founded PearlSystems UK in London, a company that provides consulting services in Aluminum and Building Envelope Systems in Europe, and has created widespread connections with aluminum suppliers from around the world. The company operates in West and Central Africa, Eastern and Western Europe. Mr. Pearl holds a degree in engineering from the University of Massachusetts, USA.

Jonathan Rootshtain

jonathan newJonathan Rootshtain is a senior partner in the company, and has more than 20 years experience in the technical side of the Aluminum Industry. Jonathan held the position of Product Manager for Zinkal Aluminum Industries and was responsible for the collaboration between architects and the company and worked closely with the engineering department in the development of new products and aluminum systems. As the manager in charge of design for Klil aluminum Products, Jonathan has overseen the design and construction of many different projects throughout the region. He holds a degree in economics and marketing from the University of South Africa and has a background in architecture.